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An icon is reimagined in the all-new Tsunami. The aesthetics of the new Tsunami inspire performance and exploration with modern deck lines, while a focus on improving the paddler’s experience sees new features incorporated into the design – two removable mesh deck storage bags are perfect for stowing close-at-hand items, and an under-deck storage area provides another alternative for staging your favorite beverage. Small changes with big effects have also been integrated into the hull – the flared sidewalls and increased volume above the waterline have been improved to provide more confidence and stability, while the longer waterline has increased speed and efficiency. The Tsunami 125 is swift and agile, the spacious cockpit and deeper hull is ideal for day trippers. A touring kayak that excels in tight, twisting environments.

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LENGTH: 12′ 9″ / 388 CM
WIDTH: 26″ / 66 CM
DECK HEIGHT: 15″ / 38 CM
COCKPIT LENGTH: 35.75″ / 91 CM

Phase 3® AirPro Tour Seat
The most comfortable kayak seat out there. The Tsunami’s Phase 3® AirPro seat has improved adjustability allowing the seat to trim forward and back and has improved back strap routing for extra comfort.
Under Deck Water Bottle Holder
Keep your water bottle close and out of the way. The holder tucks your water bottle up to the deck and keeps it clear for easy entry and exits.
Deck Gear Pockets
Mesh Deck Gear Pockets keep your important smaller items secure and within easy reach.
Bungee Deck Rigging
Adjust your deck rigging to fit safety gear, spare paddles or lunch.
Sealed Bulkhead
Bulkhead inside bow allows for water resistant storage and floatation
Bow Hatch
Store your gear with confidence. The hatch allows for storage of your smaller gear inside the front of your Tsunami.
Bow Soft Touch Handle
Soft carry handles allow for a secure grip that is easy on the hands and comfortable at any angle.
Paddle Groove
Can be used for extra stability on shore when entering and exiting the boat.
Stern Hatch
Larger rear hatch for easy storage of bulkier gear.
Stern Soft Carry Handle
Soft carry handles allow for a secure grip that is easy on the hands and comfortable at any angle.
Skid Plate
The skid plate protect your hull from damage while dragging.
Rudder Ready Stern
Easily purchase and install a rudder for improved control and tracking.