We-no-nah Huron

Life asks a lot of some canoes – like be ready for anything. The Heron is a compact, maneuverable tandem canoe that answers all requests. It’s the smallest tandem canoe in our General Touring family. Inexperienced paddlers like its stability, while adept paddlers appreciate its efficiency. Because of it’s smaller size, the Heron is a practical boat for day trips on lake, while also performing well on smaller rivers and streams. Keep one at the cabin for the kids, or keep one for leisurely float trips down your favourite trout stream.

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Length: 15′ 0″ (457.2cm)
Gunwale Width: 35″ (88.9cm)
Maximum Width: 36″ (91.44cm)
Waterline Width: 35″ (88.9cm)
Stern Depth: 16″ (40.64cm)
Center Depth: 13″ (33.02cm)
Bow Depth: 18″ (45.72cm)
Rocker: 1.25″ (3.175cm)