Tacx Blue Twist


You adjust the resistance of the Blue Twist manually using the switch on the brake, so you set it prior to your workout. The switch has 7 positions.

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Manual resistance control
The Blue Twist is controlled by a lever on the resistance unit, so you set the required resistance at forehand.
Virtual power
Train with the Tacx Training app, Tacx Cycling app, Zwift or TrainerRoad on the basis of virtual power using the Tacx speed and cadence sensor! This transmits your speed and cadence wirelessly via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart to your tablet or smartphone, so you can also use these popular training applications with a basic trainer.
Click & ride
The bike is fixed in the trainer easily by two simple clicks.
Unique dual material roller
The roll that places the resistance on your rear wheel is made from two materials: a hardened steel sleeve with a soft core of elastogel. The steel sleeve prevents wear of the trainer, while the elastogel aborbs vibrations to reduce noise.
Features & Specifications
Type of Trainer: Basic trainer with magnetic brake
Magnets: 2×8 Permanent ferrite magnets
Transmission: Roller, 30 mm
Electrical Requirements: No mains voltage required
Power Indicator: None
Connection Indicator (ANT/BT): None
Firmware Upgradable: No
Suitable Bikes: Race, Tri & MTB , if necessary with axle skewer
Supplied With: Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5mm)
Max. Power (40 km/h): 700 Watt
Max. Slope: n.a.
Simulation of Descent: No
Max. Torque: 12.2Nm
Max. Brake Force: 36N
Flywheel: Actual of 1,2kg
Flywheel Effect: 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
Calibration: n.a.
Footprint (lxw): 640×635mm (25.2×25.0in)
Height: 440mm (17.3in)
Dimensions When Folded: 610×420×250mm (24.0×16.5×9.84in)
Weight: 8.40kg (18.5lbs)