Stabil Icers Heel


Designed for winter drivers and riders, the STABILicers® Heel is ideal for snowmobile and ATV drivers, as well as extreme mountain bikers.  This cleat provides crucial traction along the heel zone and leaves the front of the foot open, allowing you to operate vehicles and machinery free from obstruction. Small and compact, the innovative design features Tension-Fit Binding™, which secures the device firmly to boots and shoes.

The STABILicer Heel is lightweight and extremely durable so you can confidently step on and off your vehicle. Small enough to store in a glove box or coat pocket, unpredictable winter conditions won’t stop you from exploring the wilderness.

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  • Heat-treated steel cleats
  • Durable Thermo Plastic Elastomer combines the flexibility of rubber with the lightweight durability of plastic
  • Secure fit on shoes and boots, including waders
  • Cleat-free forefoot allows users to safely drive vehicles
  • One size fits most
  • Made in Maine, USA