Salomon XDR 76 ST C w/L10 GW L80


Designed for skiers who are looking to cruise through the resort all day, the XDR 76 STC helps you effortlessly enjoy carving on groomers and tackle a mogul or two.

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Edge Grip The Semi Sidewall construction is built to provide you with better edge grip in all terrains.
Terrain adaptation The Woodcore construction ensures great stability and ski-to-snow contact, so you can handle different conditions and terrains with confidence.
Precision A strong wood and basalt core reinforcement provides precision and power, so you can experience improved control when carving the groomers.

Basalt layer The basalt fiber layer running the length of the ski provides outstanding dampening and vibration absorption.
Pulse Pad – Smooth Rubber Layer A layer of rubber running all along the edges and in the ski’s critical zones, for a smoother ride and improved ski-to-snow contact.
Reinforced Black Base Thicker base for increased ski longevity and maximum number of mechanical grinds. Clean base after repair: skis remain visually attractive even after intense use.
Tail & Tip Protector Increased ski longevity: keeping skis visually attractive even after intense use.