Salomon QST Access 90 CH


QST Access Custom Heat guarantees all-day warmth and comfort in any condition for all mountain skiers.

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Warmth Salomon’s exclusive Custom Heat liner delivers consistent, even heat all around the foot for maximum warmth and comfort, up to 18 hours.
Lightweight Lightweight shell and liner to reduce fatigue.
Convenience Fully integrated heating system with simple control button ensures maximum warmth and convenience.

Custom heat The heating technology that guarantees warmth for 4 – 18 hours.
Hike and ride Salomon patented system combining the backbone release with a specific V-cut shape on the back of the lower shell. It allows for effortless walkability in hike mode, strong back support and progressive forward flex for skiing down.
STRAP 360° light 45mm A thick 45mm strap to hold the foot securely and optimize power transmission.
Polyurethane + easy step-in overlap Material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity and good power transmission.
Polyolefin Softer and handier material to provide lightness and allow progressivity.
My Custom Fit sport + woolmetal The Woolmetal layer inserted in the liner, guarantees insulation for warm feet all day.
Alpine premounted ISO 5355 Alpine pads are premounted and inter-compatible with alpine bindings ISO 9462.
Riveted oversized pivot The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.
2 riveted aluminium + 1 ratchet The ratchet buckle for wider adjustment.