Rossignol X-Tour Escape AR IFP


The X-TOUR ESCAPE AR is an on-trail touring ski with a traditional X/C feel for active winter enthusiasts. Built with a sturdy Wood Air core for lightweight durability, traditional sizing for increased glide, and waxless AR Plus bases for a good blend of grip and glide with no prep. Compatible with the new TurnamicĀ® binding system for unparalleled snow feel.

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Sizes Available: 178, 183, 188, 193, 198, 203, 208
Weight: 720 gr/198cm
Construction: Activ’ Cap, Tail protector, Extented edge
Core: LDC
Base Tuning: K5000
Plate: IFP

LDC CORE – Our exclusive LOW DENSITY CORE construction features lightweight wood core with air channels for lightweight strength and energy.
ACTIV’ CAP – Our ACTIVE CAP construction combines ROSSICAP and multi-directional fiberglass for a supple flex from tip to tail to glide over uneven terrain and increased torsional rigidity for enhanced control.
MEDIUM SIDECUT: Enables versatile on and off-track skiing.
AR PLUS WAXLESS PATTERN: Our waxless AR PLUS base structure features a finished base with negative (cut) kick surface for the perfect blend of grip and glide in all snow conditions.