Rossignol Delta Comp Skate IFP


Step up to race-ready performance. The Delta Comp Skate is designed for expert skiers looking for a responsive training or racing ski. Its lively core design features hybrid wood and honeycomb construction with an accessible sweet spot for a wide range of ski levels. Includes our Race Skate binding.


Easy Handling
Activ Cap offers a balance of torsional rigidity and supple flex from tip to tail for all conditions stability

Ultralight Feel
Nomex® Honeycomb core features ultra-lightweight aramid fibers in a honeycomb shape with a high strength-to-weight ratio for powerful, elite-level performance

Light, Strong and Lively
Premium Low-Density Core features lightweight wood core with air channels and basalt fiber reinforcement for a lively feel with increased strength and energy return

Ski Core: LDC +
Ski Construction: Activ’Cap & Extended edge
Plate: IFP
Base Tuning: K7000