Madshus Nanosonic Skate Skis


The Nanosonic Carbon Skate Ski’s P190 base and Madshus Speed Tip geometry help create clean power transfer, smooth contact, and optimal glide in both hard and soft snow.

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Triaxial Braiding Construction is the process of interlocking strands of fiberglass and carbon fiber around the entire core. This unique method produces excellent torsional rigidity and strength while maintaining a lively feel and light-weight.
1) 3D Cap
2) Linear Fiberglass
3) Unidirectional Carbon
4) Core
5) Triaxial Woven Fiberglass
6) Fiberglass Veil
7) Base

SIDECUT: 44-43-44mm
WEIGHT: 1000g/190cm
CAMBER: Skate Medium/ Madshus Speed Tip
CORE: PR 100X & Triaxial Carbon Construction
BASE: P190 Nano