Keo Blade2 CR Sagan

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Keo Blade 2 is the pedal chosen by most pro racers, equipment that in this configuration also becomes one of the lightest pedals (90 grams per pedal) and with a large support surface (700 mm2, equal to 43 mm) , values ​​among the best that the market is able to offer. Look offers a sort of limited edition, with graphics dedicated to Peter Sagan and Alberto Contador. The proposed model is the Keo Blade 2 Ti with titanium axle and carbon spring / blade with a tension of 16Nm.

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Use: Road – from leisure to competition
Body: Injected Long Carbon Fibre
Axle: Chromoly
Thread: 9/16 x 20 mm
Bearings: 2 ball bearings, 1 needle bearing
Height (axle / sole): 13mm
Axle distance (pedal / crank): 53mm
Multitensor: 3 different hardnesses 12,16 Nm
Cleats: Grey Keo Grip cleats
Angular freedom: 0°, 4.5° or 9° according to type of cleat (black, grey or red)
Pedal weight: 110 g per pedal (288 g per pair with cleats and hardware)
Accessories: Grey Keo Grip cleats + hardware (6 screws 5 x 11 mm and 6 washers)