K2 iKonic 84

Smooth and snappy through the turn, the K2 Ikonic 84 takes the same Exo-Konic ™ Technology from the top end, and wraps it up in a snappy, responsive package. Take on the hardpack, rail turns, and feel the pull from the top of the turn all the way through. 2 Year Ski Warranty



KONIC TECHNOLOGY: A revolutionary approach to ski design that re-distributes mass in the ski by placing heavier and stiffer materials directly over the edges where they have the most impact on ski performance. This results in a ski with increased precision and high end power while retaining a large sweet spot.

CORE: Fir Core, Energetic, tough, dense wood that absorbs impact.

ASPEN CORE: Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.

DIMENSIONS: 133/84/112
SKI ROCKER: Speed Rocker
SKI RADIUS: 17.5. @ 177cm
SKIS CATEGORY: All Mountain, Piste
BINDING: System (Binding Included)