2021 Garneau F-UN


Balance bikes have become the bike industry professional’s go-to method of teaching
their kids how to ride. By starting with a balance bike, the child learns balance before
any of the other harder skills, like pedaling and braking. Using their feet to propel
themselves forwards and to stop, and using gravity as their friend, a child will be
able to get a head start on the other kids in the neighborhood by being introduced
to balance bikes at an early age. We recommend getting them a balance bike as soon
as they’re able to stand over it. The F-Un features a very low standover height to
help those little munchkins get their leg over it with ease. It has a high-tensile steel
frame and extremely durable polymer wheels, so it will last through the first child and
be ready for the next one.



Fork: HTS Steel – HTS steel
Frame: HTS steel – HTS steel
Front Wheel: Steel
Grips: Garneau Junior
Handlebar: Aluminum, 65 mm rise, Ø22.2 mm
Headset: Threaded with steering limiter, 1”
Rear Wheel: Steel
Saddle: Garneau Junior
Seat Post: Steel, 25.4 mm, integrated
Stem: Aluminum, quill, 30 mm, 0?
Tires: 12” x 2.4”, tube type