Clipper Freedom


The Freedom is a Jensen designed solo canoe originally introduced as the ‘F1’. Clipper has reintroduced it to our line as the perfect ‘workout’ canoe. It is also well suited for amateur racing. For wilderness trippers this canoe is appropriate for lighter paddlers carrying loads between 100-200lbs.

The Freedom has a shallow arch hull and soft chines, all adding up to great stability. This canoe tracks well and is easy to maneuver when leaned offside to execute a tight turn. The seat is adjustable to three different heights and also slides fore and aft for maximum versatility in various water conditions.

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Length: 16′ 7″
Beam: 22″
Bow Height: 16″
Stern Height: 12.5″
Center Height: 12.5″

Weight & Pricing
Fiberglass: 48 lbs, $2415
Ultralight: 39 lbs, $3365
Custom Kevlar: 34 lbs $4100
Pro Boat: 28 lbs, $4100
*Prices do not include freight*

Standard Features
Sliding Bucket Seat (Adjustable to 3 Different Heights)
Flotation Tanks
Bow & Stern Thwarts

Gunnel Covers
Black Trim Package
Wood Trim Package
Foam Thigh Pads
Wilderness Lash System
Removable Flat or Contoured Yoke