Clipper Escape


The Escape is great for fishing, photography or bird watching. The comfortable seats allow paddlers to sit instead of kneel. It has a near vertical bow and stern to aid in tracking. The Escape’s short length allows it to maneuver easily in tight spots. Its light weight and short length make the Escape easy to load and transport on the smallest of vehicles and is easy to load and transport on the top of 5th wheel trailers.

This canoe can be easily paddled solo. Solo paddlers will often order the Escape with a bench seat in the bow, allowing them to paddle from the bow facing the stern, while being seated in a position closer to the center of the canoe. This results in a better trimmed canoe.

The Escape, designed with a shallow arch hull, is stiffened with cross ribs in the fiberglass layup and a vacuum-bagged foam core in the Kevlar® layup. Both provide stiff hulls that help maximize performance and maneuverability. Take an “Escape” from the everyday bustle of life and you’ll never regret it.

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Length: 14′ 6″
Beam: 35″ | 34″ (@ 4″Waterline)
Bow Height: 19″
Stern Height: 18″
Center Height: 14″

Weight & Pricing
Fiberglass: 55 lbs, $1725
Ultralight: 44 lbs, $3050
Custom Kevlar®: 38 lbs, $3740
*Prices do not include freight*

Standard Features
Bucket Seats
Flotation Tanks
Center Thwart

Angler Package
Stowaway Tackle Box with mesh storage net mounted under center seat
Scotty Baitcaster Rod Holder
2 Scotty Flush Mounts installed on over-sized End Caps
Center Seat for Rowing
Oarlock mounts
Wood Web Seats

Vinyl Gunnel Covers
Black Trim Package
Wood Trim Package
Foam Thigh Pads
Wilderness Lash System
Yoke (Contoured or Flat)
Kneeling Thwart