Clipper Prospector 14′


This solo 14′, designed by James van Nostrand, is one of a series of traditional-type Prospector canoes offered by Western Canoeing & Kayaking. All three Clipper Prospector models share the same characteristics of classic design, grace on the water, and maneuverability.

The Prospector 14′ is a solo canoe that is responsive and seaworthy in grade II and III whitewater. The classic Prospector design is symmetrical with a shallow arch hull. It has 1 ½” of rocker and the high chine provides a smooth and dry ride through rough water. A Duraflex layup is a must for whitewater use. An expedition spray skirt is available for this model.

The 14 Prospector is available in four layups. The standard fiberglass layup is ideal for entry level paddlers, while the Ultralight version provides one of the lightest solo canoes available for wilderness tripping. An optional removable yoke makes it ideal for portages of any length. D-rings mounted on the chine or gunnel will secure gear or float bags. For white water use, the Duraflex laminates are available with bow and stern bags (in place of floatation tanks) and a solo foam half saddle.

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Length: 14′
Beam: 29″ | 29″ (@ 4″Waterline)
Bow Height: 21″
Stern Height: 21″
Center Height: 15″

Weight & Pricing
Fiberglass: 52 lbs, $1675
Kevlar®: 42 lbs, $2520
Ultralight: 40 lbs, $2730
Kevlar®/Duraflex: 46 lbs, $2840
Kevlar®/Duraflex with White or Yellow Gelcoat: 44 lbs, $2875
*Prices do not include freight*

Standard Features
Wood Web Seat
Flotation Tanks
Bow & Stern Thwarts

Vinyl Gunnel Covers
Black Trim Package
Wood Trim Package
Foam Thigh Pads
Wilderness Lash System
Contoured Yoke
Expedition Spray Skirt