ABUS BORDO Lite Mini 6055


The BORDO™ Lite 6055 Folding Lock resembles its older siblings from the BORDO™ family in that its mechanical properties guarantee a high level of security, flexibility and compactness. Weighing in at a mere 440g, the BORDO™ Lite 6055 folding lock is the flyweight of the family. Its folded-out length of 60cm is more than enough to secure a single bicycle. The BORDO™ Lite 6055 Folding Lock is available in black and red, as well as a blue “Movistar Team” version.

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– 5mm steel bars with plastic coating to prevent damage to the frame
– ABUS Extra-Class cylinder with coded reversible key
– Automatic locking system
– Optional SH Bracket
– Length: 60cm
– Weight: 431g