Salomon W Kiana w/Lithium 10 L

$399.00 $279.00

For easy discovery of everything the mountain has to offer, KIANA + Lithium 10 uses a Short Control Frame for grip and power just under the foot, with a lightweight construction and Carve Rocker profile to enable terrain adaptation in any condition.



Easy Steering: Easy Turn Initiation allows you to enter the turn with less effort and ability.
Terrain Absorption: All Terrain Rocker provides the optimum balance of flotation, terrain absorption, and stability for all snow conditions and types of terrain.
Versatility: Semi Sidewall construction allows for better edge grip and more maneuverability

Size 137 144 151 158
Side Cut Tip 118 119 120 121
Side Cut Waist 75 75 75 75
Side Cut Tail 97 98 99 100
Radius 10.7 11.7 12.6 13.6