Classic Package 5 – Aero 7 Skin


The Salomon Aero 7 Skin ski is a great choice for the recreational skier looking for great grip in all conditions. “Skin” technology grips well in warm, high humidity snow conditions as well as icy conditions. This package includes the very comfortable, warm and supportive Salomon Escape 6 and Siam 6 boots.
Ask us about skin skis and trying a pair out this winter!



This Package Includes
Skis: Salomon Aero 7 Skin Ski
Boots: Salomon Escape 7 Pilot or Siam 7 Pilot
Poles: Salomon Equipe 20 or Vitane 20
Bindings: Salomon Sport Pilot
Package Savings Of $117
Includes mount & hotwax


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