16/17 Ride Kink

$460.00 $276.00

The Kink’s soft, flexible camber and twin profile make it an easy RIDE team favorite. Their durable Roll In Slimewalls® and Cleave Edge™ add the strength and pop you need to get those massive ollies up and over the slow sign. The Kink is at home both at the park and in the streets, and the deck itself features a snapshot of the team at Camp RIDE by legendary skate artist Sean Cliver.



Style: Park
Profile: Twin Hybrid Camber
Shape: Hybrid
Stance: Centered

Twin Hybrid Camber Shape
Roll In™ Slimewalls®
Foundation™ Core
Cleave Edge™ Steel
Biaxial Glass
Fusion 1500™ Base
2×4 Inserts
Flat Kick Tip