16/17 K2 Lil Kandi

$210.00 $120.00

With fun colours and a soft flex, the Lil’ Kandi™ is built to match your little girls expectations and abilities. The Catch Free Baseline allows for easy turns and intuitive control while a centered stance promotes stability from day one. Whether your little lady is stepping out for the first time or keeping up with her friends, snowboarding begins with a Lil’ Kandi incentive!



ROCKER: Baseline Type: Catch Free Rocker – By bringing the contact points out of the snow, turns happen before the edge bites and – voila! – no catch. This small amount of Rocker results in more confidence throughout the learning curve
CONSTRUCTION: Hybrilight Construction: features a thin, consistent thickness sidewall designed for maximum performance and minimal material usage.
CORE: Noodle Core: K2’s Noodle flex is a specific design tailored to the weight and overall size of next generation rippers.
TOPSHEET: Fiberglass Top: BIAXIAL – The classic structure laminate, biax glass provides the smooth all-purpose performance.
BASE: 2000 Sintered Base – Fast, durable and easy to tune and repair.
STANCE: True Twin